Rohema Signature Stick – Video online

I am very happy to present this little video about my signature model with Rohema. Thanks to Valentin Kollenda for filming and editing and to the D-Room-Studio for the wonderful location. Please check out Rohema and their awesome work!

Podcast Season

I admit, I’m a huge fan of podcasts and I’m addicted! Guilty as charged. So I was even more pleased to be invited as a guest on two wonderful German drummer podcasts. Have fun listening/watching! And be sure to check out the other guests as well. There are some great and inspiring insights to be…

80s Drumming Videos

Why the … 80s drumming videos? Here’s the story: I was hired to record an 80s loops collection for Image Sounds GmbH and used the soundcheck to play around a bit and check out these analog electronic drums. Then I started posting some of the grooves on Instagram and had the idea to ask some…

New videos on my youtube channel

I just uploaded two new videos to my YouTube channel. One is about using wrist mics as a percussionist and the other is me talking about my book. I explain from a drum teacher’s point of view why I wrote a book about musicality on the drums.

Meinl Percussion – Behind the Scenes

Working with Meinl Percussion is a great pleasure. It is great fun to watch a dedicated team pushing their own brand forward and doing great work using their hearts and minds. I am honored to be able to contribute my small part. On the website there is a “Behind the Scenes” section that shows…

Do Drummers Have To Be Musical?

New video on my Youtube channel. In this video I explain some background information about musicality on drums and also present a free exercise. Have fun with it. Here is the link: And please do not forget to subscribe to the channel, leave a like or a comment. This will help me a lot.…

podcast about world-music

I am very delighted to join the Sunset Productions Podcast for the second time. This episode was about world-music. Apart from some other fun content, it was especially enjoyable to talk about my experiences as a drummer in different world music bands. My career in world music lies a bit in the past, but for…

interview in the German drumheads! magazine

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with the German drumheads! mag about the current Corona situation and about the general development of the German drumming scene. The interview itself is in German language only.Here you can take a look at it: DRUMHEADS INTERVIEW Thanks to Florian for the interview. Have fun reading.


***** 5 out of 5 stars – review – Percussion Creativ – off-beat magazine

Many thanks to Michael Zöller for the kind words about my book. I am particularly pleased that the content was rated 5/5 stars and especially about the last sentence of the review because it corresponds to one of my most important reasons to write this book: “For all those who are stuck with the “conventional”…

Review of “5 Habits of A Musical Drummer” (German Sticks magazine)

“THESE BOOKS ARE A MUST-HAVE FOR EVERY DRUMMER AND EVERY MUSIC SCHOOL!” Many thanks to Axel Mikolajczak for this great review. I am really happy that you appreciate my ideas.