20% off three months of Doozzoo – the best tool for your online lessons

If you are looking for the perfect tool to teach your students online check out www.doozzoo.com

It is a browser based platform, so you don’t have to download anything and you can start teaching your students right away. It has some amazing features, from a media player to built in click track, a midi playable keyboard and a lot more.

It also has a solution for latency when it comes to playing to backing music, too. So check it out. The doozzoo team is constantly improving the platform.

And if you use the promo code SEMIG3M20 you get 20% off the first 3 month of your subscription. I have tested it against Zoom, Whatsapp Video, Skype, etc. and to me it has the better features and is specialised on music lessons.

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live on tour

  • 29.05.2023 Mario Novembre in Stuttgart at Im Wizemann
  • 08.06.2023 - 11.06.2023 Complete Music Camp – KASSEL in Kassel at Sensenstein
  • 14.06.2023 Fresh Music Live in Düsseldorf at Messe
  • 15.06.2023 Fresh Music Live in Frankfurt at tba
  • 16.06.2023 Fresh Music Live in Berlin at tba
  • 27.06.2023 Dennis Martin in Fulda at tba
  • 30.06.2023 Nico Santos in Bassum at Freudenburg
  • 01.07.2023 Workshop in Giessen at Musikzentrale/ Schönau
  • 08.09.2023 Workshop in Markneukirchen at Rohema Drummit
  • 21.10.2023 triosence in Ulm at tba

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