Stephan Emig


I love working on the road and in the studio. Both fields of work look different, yet have the same requirements. Professionalism, ability to grasp things quickly, and creativity are the be-all and end-all alongside solid craftsmanship.

Credits as drummer: triosence, Sara Gazarek, Klaus Lage, Gregor Meyle, ELOY, Marquess, Jazzkantine, Planting Robots

Stephan Emig


In contrast to the position of the drummer, as a percussionist, I often have a fundamentally different function. Especially in pop music, you have to find your place as a percussionist and know your role in the music. Versatility, pattern accuracy, dependability when playing together with the drummer, but also creative freedom of sound must be in the right balance.

Credits as percussionist: The Voice of Germany in Concert, Luke Mockridge’s Great Night Show (TV), Stefanie Heinzmann, Marquess, Fresh Music Live

Stephan Emig

Ableton Operator

Ableton has become an essential part of today's music productions. As a tool for backing tracks, as a creative composition device, as a powerful production software or as the control center for a whole live production. I program beats, create samples and fine-tune productions, or design complete setups for live productions.

Credits as Ableton Operator: The Voice of Germany in Concert, Fresh Music Live, Vannessa Mai, ELOY, Planting Robots

Stephan Emig

Author & Educator

When I am not on tour or recording in the studio, I am passionate about teaching. I set high standards for my students (as well as for my own teaching) and I attach great importance to the development of their own musical voice. For this purpose, I have written various teaching materials, which have become part of the curriculum of professional training at the Music College Hannover.

If you want to know more about my philosophy please read my book „5 Habits of a Musical Drummer".

Drumclinics, band workshops, and above all lessons in preparation for a professional career are my main fields of activity. Credits: among others University of Osnabrück, Pop Akademie Mannheim

Especially the Complete Music Camps are close to my heart. I started them together with dear colleagues and they take place once a year in Kassel and in Hamburg.