As a fan of Nicko McBrain, no other company was ever considered for me when I was young. The professional cooperation with Sonor began in 1998 right before an international tour with Hamid Baroudi, which led us across four continents. The partnership became more and more intensive and I am happy to have been involved in their product development and product presentations.

I'm happy that Sonor even decided to put my portrait on one of their products (Rhythm Add On).

Many thanks to everyone who made this intensive relationship possible: Karl-Heinz Menzel, Stefan Althoff, Elke Stremmel, Rainer Dreisbach, Thomas Barth, Ian Croft, Mattias Mücke, Daniel Roszmann, Wolfgang Ulbrich, Martin Knebel, Wolfgang Maywald, David Schulz, Michael Haneke, Michael Stumm, Ulli Fuhrmann, Arne Suter and many others!

Click here and check out the Sonor website!

cymbals & percussion


Meinl accepted me into their artist family in 2017, and I am grateful to be able to play both their cymbals and percussion instruments. Meinl is one of the most outstanding companies in the music industry today, offering a wide range of high quality products, understanding the needs of a professional musician, and being a trendsetter when it comes to developing innovative products.

Many thanks to the Meinl family, Hannes Auerochs, Stephan Hänisch, Norbert Saemann, Udo Heubeck, Chris Sterbling, Oliver Kaessler, and Jim Busch for their great support. Click here to go to the Meinl website.



There is no way around Remo Drumheads. They are top of the art products and always offer the best solution for the perfect sound for drummers and percussionists. Remo's website.

Many thanks to Stefan Weiler and Nico Nevermann from the German distributor GEWA.



The former DJ software is now a standard for many productions, live or in the studio. I have been using it since version 2, and Ableton is my trusted companion. I don't know any other software that inspires me so much and provides such a logical workflow. But be careful: It's highly addictive! Click here and check out.

Many thanks to Gunnar and Johannes from the Artist Relation Team for their support, and to Ulf Kaiser and Claudia Weidner for making this collaboration possible.


Audio Technica

Great sounding instruments need adequate microphony, so that the desired signals are transmitted via P.A. or the studio speakers. Audio Technica is one of the leading brands and offers excellent quality. Whenever I have Audi Technica in front of me, I no longer have to worry about the sound.



Sticks, rods, brushes, and mallets, everything at its finest! 2019 we released my own signature stick. It is a stick with the thickness of a 5A, but with a lighter weight and thinner tip to create a fine brilliant cymbal sound. It is suitable for softer to medium volumes, but still strong enough to play a fat backbeat or full rim click when the stick is played with its butt end.

Maik Hellinger and his family are constantly developing great new models, and they have known their craft for generations. Check out the Rohema website or take a trip to the music city of Markneukirchen. It’s worth it.


Ahead Armor Cases

These high-quality, padded cases make traveling easy, whether it' s with a drum set or percussion instruments. Please check out the Ahead Armor Cases website.

Many thanks to Curt Dörnberg and Catrien Stremme from the German distributor Musik Wein.



Every time Rolf Dressler, one of my favourite audio engineers, arrived with Audio Technica microphones in his bags, I knew that the sound would be great. I am pleased that the cooperation with Audio Technica is now being intensified. Many thanks to Pascal Swoboda, Christian Bethin-Kittel, Markus Sinzel, Anja Groth, and Alexandra Bischoff for their support. Here is an overview of Audio Technica's incredibly large portfolio.



I am happy to use RME's audio interfaces for both live and studio productions. This way,a high-resolution top sound is guaranteed! Many thanks to Kim Anna Knödler and Mattias Mücke from Sound AG / RME for their support. Check their devices on their website (www.rme-audio.de)


Vision Ears

I am very happy that I was able to bring my in-ear situation to an absolute top level. The VISION EARS earphones immediately convinced me and after comparing different models I decided to go for the VE6 X1 with a boost in bass and high mids.

Casting, fitting, communication, sound, and value of the product... everything a real joy! Many thanks to Johannes and Armin and the whole team of the Cologne VISION EARS manufactory! (https://vision-ears.de/)