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Thanks for checking out my new website and also a big thank you to Thomas Ulbricht from www.lockruf.com for his great work.
In this post you’ll find some stuff about the creativ drum camp, jazz & rock workshop in Salzgitter, studio work for Edgar Knecht and Achim Seifert as well as shows with Marquess and Marcia Bittencourt. The picture on the left is from my photo-shooting with Carsten Herwig.

But let me start with the studio session at fattoria musica with Edgar Knecht. After our little trip to the garana jazz festival in Romania and some days of rehearsing we spent 3 days recording in Osnabrück.
It’s the first CD as a quartet with Toby Schulte on drums and me on percussions. If you click here, you’ll find an article about our trip to Romania and below are some impressions from the studio-session:

Right after that I was invited to teach at Jazz & Rock Workshop Salzgitter. A great workshop with great fellow teachers like Frank Itt, Lars Hansen, Britta Rex, Hilko Schomerus, Fritz Randow, Ralph König, Uwe Granitza and many more.

…and also a very special spirit amongst the participants, some of them attend the workshop for many years now.
Together with great singer Mel Germain from Hamburg I was leading a combo playing songs by Mia and Portishead. This is a picture from our band, a bunch of normal people after being locked in a rehearsal room for a couple of days… :-)

These are the teachers (… I was in the back ;-))

and a picture from the teachers-concert with Hilko Schomerus.

In August I was part of the teaching staff at the 3rd creativ drum camp with Moritz Müller and Jost Nickel. I love these camps because they are a great mixture of music, networking and general creative exchange.

The participants were great and on a high level of drumming and it was a lot of fun to teach, but also to learn from them. Here are some impressions of the camp.

Besides the camps I played with Marquess in Beesenlaublingen at the MDR Sommerfest, here is a picture from that show:

Please check out this website for more pictures…. or my facebook-page for a small video clip…

I also played with Marcia Bittencourt at the international fireworks competition. Amazing fireworks from Portugal and a lot of people in the Herrenhäuser Gärten…

Besides playing live and teaching, I record a.o. for Achim Seifert and filmed the session. I hope you enjoy it. Please check out the other videos in my youtube-channel

At the end of August I met with Carsten Herwig to shot some new promotional pictures. Here are just a few examples. I hope you like them as much as I do!

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

Things coming up are shows with Marquess, Sedaa, Edgar Knecht and Gregor Meyle, which I am really looking fwd. to.

Stay tuned and stay funky :-)


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