Hello everybody, a lot of things happened and are happening right now.
A. o. I have been playing with Edgar Knecht, Marquess, Sedaa and jamming and recording with some friends…

The picture on the left is my first cover-photo :-)
It is from Percussion Creativ’s offbeat-magazine.
The picture was taken during the creativ drum camp France with Jost Nickel and Moritz Müller.

Besides participating, drummer and filmaker Martin Kahl (Aussenborder-TV) from Hamburg shot a promotional video for future drum-camps and I think he did an amazing job.

Please take a look at this video:

Drumcamp 2012 from aussenborder.TV on Vimeo.

Together with Marquess I played at a special event for Mercedes in Rheine, where they presented the newest A-Class. Please click here to watch a small video from this show. Here are some more impressions:

Before a three week trip to the USA at the end of September I played with Omid Bahadori and Sedaa at Pavillon Hannover the CD-release-show. I recorded the drumtracks for this album, too. „New Ways“ is a nice mixture of mongolian traditional music, oriental grooves, pop- and jazzmusic. You can order it by clicking here.
Here are some pictures from the rehearsal and the show.

On October 5th I joined the 15 year reuonion of my class at LAMA. Can’t believe it’s that long! I was really happy to meet old friends and teachers. Inspirational days in L.A. and during the trip I also say two nice concerts, one by Otmaro Ruiz with my former teacher Aaron Serfaty on drums and GRP allstars at blue note NYC, with an outstanding John Pattitucci on bass…

left to right: Sebastian Quirmbach, Mike Packer, Bobby Albright, Huba Kelemen, Stephan Zender, Dave Pozzi, Ralph Humphrey, Tony Inzalaco, Kevin Lehman, Joe Porcaro and Tom Aylesbury… wooohoooo! :-)

After coming back to Germany I played with Christoph Keding at his final drum-examn concert and featured lots and lots of drumming and a great band. Here are a couple of pictures from the show taken by Ulrike Röming.

Die Band mit Christoph Keding, Bendix Amonat, Lars Erhardt, Timon Schemp, Jochen Pietsch, …

At the end of October I played with Edgar Knecht in Kassel, Hildesheim and Dorsten and we also shot pictures for the cover of his upcoming CD. It will be released in 2013 and was recently mixed at Fattoria Musica in Osnabrück. You can read a very nice review of our show in Dorsten by clicking here. Here are some impressions from the concerts and the photo-session.

Besides all that another CD that I played on was released. The CD „Temperatio“ by Konstantin Septinus. He is a drummer from the Hannover area and invited me to play percussion on his CD. Other musicians featured on the CD are Mario Ehrenberg-Kempf, Christoph Van Hal, a.o. You can listen to tracks or buy it by clicking here.

I also had a great time playing at a drumcircle-event in Hamburg (see pictures below), preparing a drum- and percussion-workshop with Wolf Simon, jamming with Lars Hansen and Lothar Müller in my rehearsal-studio, preparing the next Bandcamp in Kassel, meeting with great people at Ruth Wagner’s farewell-party in Kassel or seeing my students play their final-examns at music college Hannover. Busy times and I am really grateful for that!!!

Upcoming events are gigs with Gregor Meyle, Vibe Tribe, Fette Hupe, shooting a video with triosence and a lot more. Please stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,


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