Welcome back again. In November I had the chance to play with some awesome musicians, it started out with two shows with Gregor Meyle, followed by gigs with Patches Stewart, Fette Hupe Big Band and Christina Lux.
I was really happy to be playing with Gregor since he is one of my favorite songwriters in Germany. The first setting in Hannover was just a trio w. Gregor on guitar and vocals, Andreas Gundlach on piano and me on drums and percussion. After the sold out show at the Marlene, we travelled to Berlin to play at the WABE. At this show we added Peter Inagawa on bass and Pivo Deinert on guitar to the line up. It was definitely one of the most fun concerts in a long time and one of the longest, too… about 3 hours! The last show with Gregor took place in Dortmund’s Pauluskirche with Dominik Krämer on bass.
Here are some impressions from the shows:

The picture on the top left is from our show in Hannover taken by Carsten Herwig. The other pictures are shot by Detlef Köster. To see all of his great pictures please click here!

After the shows with Gregor I subbed for Jost Nickel with the Richard Schumacher Trio. Richard on guitar, Arnd Geise on bass and me featured Marcus Miller’s trumpet player Patches Stewart. We played two concerts, one in Hamburg and one in Lübeck.

Right after these shows I joined the Fette Hupe Bigband to play music by guitar player Kalle Kalima at the Jazzwoche Hannover. It is a great Big Band playing innovative material plus great old school bigband-music. I always love to be a percussionist in a band with a good drummer (like Timo Warnecke). It really effects my view on being a drumset-player.

Also in November I jammed with a couple of people like Stefan Rademacher (Billy Cobham) and Andreas Gundlach in my little studio-space and joined Christina Lux on a few songs during her show in Celle.

In addition to all that we recorded a video with triosence, but that will be featured in the upcoming post.

Take care and have a great pre-christmas time!


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