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Have fun…

Here is a video that was (kind of accidentally) shot during the soundcheck at a recording session at the Horus Sound Studio Hannover.

I hope you have fun with it. I kind of liked the vibe of it, that’s why I kept it…

please also check my youtube-channel.

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live on tour

  • 08.12.2023 Mario Novembre in Münster , Jovel Club
  • 09.12.2023 Mario Novembre in Augsburg , Kantine
  • 10.12.2023 Mario Novembre in Salzburg , Rockhouse
  • 11.12.2023 Mario Novembre in Nürnberg , Galerie im Z-Bau
  • 23.12.2023 Christmas Soul in Braunschweig , Wintertheater
  • 19.01.2024 Hervé Jeanne Quartett in Lüneburg , tbc
  • 01.03.2024 - 03.03.2024 Hybrid Drumming Workshop in Rendsburg , Nordkolleg
  • 23.03.2024 Pop Meets Classic in Braunschweig , Volkswagenhalle
  • 07.06.2024 - 09.01.2024 Drum Circle Intensivworkshop in Dörnberg (bei Kassel) , Tagungshaus Lebensbogen

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