What do my students say about my lessons?

This is what former students say:

Dominic Sbarcea (drummer of the punk band ROGERS):

“The lessons with Stephan have influenced me in many ways. Stephan always found an approach and a way to improve oneself playfully and technically on the drums. In addition, the focus was always on the creative development of the individual language on the instrument by always putting each “exercise” into a musical context. This has greatly broadened my horizons in the long term”.

André Wenzlitschke (his references as a drummer read like a Who’s Who of the German music scene: Prinz Pi, Das Bo, Disarstar, Johannes Oerding, Max Giesinger, and many more):

“I’m incredibly happy that I ended up with Stephan at an early age. Besides technique, independence, reading music, etc., the lessons were always very much about musicality and creativity. These things shaped my style of playing and prepared me for what I’m doing now.”

Burkard Ruppaner (drummer with Joachim Witt, Strom & Wasser, Linda Rum, etc.):

“For me, Stephan’s lessons represent a most innovative teaching concept, because his instructions have enabled me to play more freely and with greater flexibility, and he not only sets high standards for one’ s own creativity, but also knows how to develop it.

I am very grateful that I am allowed to guide musicians on their way to becoming professionals. I am equally happy about the success of the amateur drummers with whom I was able to share my passion with and who I could support on their way to becoming a better musician.

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