triosence 2Triosence formed by Bernhard Schüler, with Ingo Senst (bass) and Stephan Emig (drums) has become one of the most successful jazz bands in Germany.

Formed in 1999, Triosence has released 5 CDs so far (a.o. with Mons Records and Sony Music) and won numerous jazz competitions and national jazz awards such as winner of the national jazz competition “Jugend jazzt”, “1st Ostsee Jazz Festival Prize” or a CD recording contract with the German national radio network “Deutschlandfunk”.

Their first CD, “First Enchantment” received fabulous critics in Germany as well as abroad and was nominated for the “Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik”. Abroad, their biggest success lies in Japan, where they are regarded as one of most successful jazz imports.
Triosence is constantly touring internationally. They have been on tour in Japan, USA, Taiwan, Lebanon, Albania, Switzerland, Austria, Norway and are involved in international music projects, e.g. with Sara Gazarek from Los Angeles or David Lee from Taiwan.

Triosence is not only the name but also describes the concept of the band. The “trio-essence” lies within the emancipation of piano, bass and drums. It’s achieved by Bernhard Schüler’s original compositions and the
strong individuality of the three musicians. Each instrument can take the lead, which gives the trio a much wider spectrum of sound.

What characterizes the music of Triosence the most is its emphasis on the melodies and their clarity. They are very lyrical and that creates the core of almost all the original compositions.

Stylistically the music of Triosence goes beyond boundaries. There are influences of Jazz, Fusion, Folk and World. “…in the collective this mixture is built to an opulent sound.” (Wolff Rechenberg, Hessisch
Niedersächsiche Allgemeine).
One of the biggest german magazines „STERN“ gave triosences CD „Away For A While“ 5 out of 5 stars.

The line-up is:

Bernhard Schüler – piano
Ingo Senst or Matthias Nowak – bass
Stephan Emig – drums & percussion

triosence featured guest performances by Vitaliy Zolotov, Sara Gazarek, Frank Haunschild, Andria Chang, Till Brönner, Ernst-Ludwig-Petrowski, Uschi Brünning, a.o.

Please check or triosence’s facebook-page

You can buy all of triosence’s CDs through the shop-page on my website.

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