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ZDF BackstageOkay, I have to put this first in my new blog-post, because I am very happy and excited to be part of the live-band for the upcoming tour of the 8 „The Voice of Germany“ finalists.
Besides that I write a little bit about triosence, Gregor Meyle, Edgar Knecht, a german tv show and some more.
The picture on the left was taken backstage at the ZDF tv show „Wilkommen bei Carmen Nebel“.

I had the fun job to accompany Andrea Berg, David Garrett, Beatrice Egli and Mireille Mathieu in this live tv-show. The music was playback of course, but I liked, that David Garrett decided to play live nevertheless. Here are two videos from the show. I really enjoyed it!


Okay, now for the „The Voice“ tour. I will be playing percussion and electronics for the tour of the 8 finalists of the german version of „The Voice“. We will play in some very nice locations, so please check out my tourdates and try to come by. It is a great honour to play with great musicians like Patrick Fa on drums. Pictures will be posted afterwards or you can check on facebook regularly. I dedicate this tour to Jerry Steinholtz, without whom I would have never played percussion-instruments in the first place.

I also played with Gregor Meyle in Hannover and will be playing with him in Kassel, Brilon and Berlin in December. Dominik Krämer, Ingo Wolfgarten and Christian Herzberger will also be part of the band. In Berlin Joss Stone’s producer Christian Lohr will accompany us, too. Below you see Andreas Gundlach soundchecking in Hannover… he is a monster on the piano, please check him out!

Marlene Hannover

Right after that I did a drumclinic for Sonor Drums at the Drum Days by Musik Produktiv in Ibbenbüren. It is fantastic store and I was happy to meet some great colleagues like Marcel Van Cleef, Udo Masshoff and Randy Black. The audience was great and I hope they liked what we talked about in the lesson.

Drumdays Produktiv

Shortly after Ibbenbüren I was on the road with Edgar Knecht Quartett in Lübeck and Berlin.
It is always inspiring to play with Tobias Schulte. Here is a picture of my setup with Edgar:

Setup Edgar B-Flat Berlin

Also in November we played our last shows with triosence, first a sold out show at Jazzclub Erfurt with Ingo Senst on bass and at Jazzfestival Delmenhorst with Matthias Nowak. It was great to play the „turning points“ program again, it felt like the last time was long ago, but we played way over 60 shows this year… still unbelievable!
Triosence’s live recording is coming along well and I am looking fwd. to the release in 2014.

live at Jazzfest Delmenhorst

I am happy that the audience likes our music, because jazzmusic-critics usually find something they don’t… ;-)

I had the honour to be part of my first final-examns-concert at Popakademie Mannheim with great Bino Engelmann on drums and percussion. Good luck to him in the future! I was also teaching at music college Hannover and IFM Osnabrück regularly and enjoying my students progress…

Last, but really not least here is a picture from the rehearsal of my newest band. Can’t tell too much detail yet, but Dirk Hoppe, Ingo Hassenstein and I are having a great time writing and rehearsing new songs.

Rehearsal Setup Hamburg

I wish you all a merry christmas time and a happy new year… 2014 (can you believe it). Shouldn’t we all be flying or living on mars right now?

Bye, Stephan

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