Welcome back to my website. I am looking back on a couple of busy weeks with concerts and a studio session with triosence, workshops like the Bandcamp Hammelburg, Lama Day and some more events at music college Hannover. Please enjoy this newsblog and feel free to leave comment.

Let me start with triosence’s activities. The picture above was drawn by Rainer Hoffmann during the session at Rainbow Studios Oslo. Rainer previously contributed some paintings to the cover-art of our CD „When You Come Home“ (Sony Music 2008) and had the idea of drawing pictures of the musicians instead of just having photos.
Previously to going to Oslo we played a couple of concerts in Braunschweig, Überlingen and in Cologne. Click here to see a video of the concert at Studio N in Cologne, a very nice location. The song is entitled „728“ and the Oslo-version will be on our upcoming CD.

We had 5 days of recording, which is pretty long for a jazz-recording. Ingo Senst played bass during the first 2 days and Matthias Nowak was with us the last three days. Engineer was Jan-Erik Kongshaug (engineer legend) and co-producer and musical supervisor was Hubert Nuss (who recently toured with Wolfgang Haffner’s group).
Mixing will take place in June and there are already some ideas about which takes will make it onto the CD and how the cover will look like. We are happy with the results and are looking fwd. to releasing the CD and to playing the songs live on an extended tour in 2013.
Here are some impressions from Oslo and I would like to thank the people involved for the great time and especially Rolf for his hospitality.

Before leaving to Norway I was teaching at the Bandcamp Hammelburg together with my friends and great colleagues Ingo Hassenstein, Daniel Schunn, Max Braun and Dirk Hoppe. This crew will be teaching at Bandcamp Kassel, too. If you are reading this and are interested in participating, please check the camp’s website.
In Hammelburg I was once again amazed by the talent of the participating young musicians. Maybe there is something in the bavarian food (or beer) :-)
Here are some impressions from Hammelburg:

At music college Hannover we had busy weeks, too. We had some fabulous guest-clinicians like Dominik Krämer (Heavytones) and Mathias Reuter (Drumcircles) and on April 15th the biggest event so far: open house and LAMA Day a.o. with a great drumclinic and masterclass by Porcupine Tree’s Gavin Harrison who we were able to bring to Hannover with the help of Sonor (thanks Thomas!!!).

Here are some pictures of these events:

Next events coming up are the CD release by Debbie Clarke and some performances. If you watch Pro7 and Sat1 you will be able to see the adverts by Warner Music. You can stay updated with my Facebook-page for these events. They usually come at short notice.
On may 12th I will be performing with Hamid Baroudi at the Kasseler Weltmusikfestival, which will be great and we will play some tracks of his upcoming CD.
I am also finishing some recordings and will be teaching at Music College Hannover and IFM Osnabrück.

Alrighty then,
enjoy the sunny weather and stay tuned,

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