My name is Stephan Emig, I am a german drummer and percussionist.

I work with various artists live and in the studio, teach at different schools and work as a cultural manager. Please enjoy your stay and take a look and listen… there is a lot to discover.

Stay tuned and feel free to leave a message,

In the summertime… and beyond

IMG_1624Dear reader,
thanks for coming back to my website. I have been working on different things, besides relaxing from the many live performances that took place lately. I have been playing with Christina Lux, triosence and Hamid Baroudi and done a couple of seminars for bands and drummers. The picture on the left is from a show with triosence in a an old church in Berlin Continue Reading

The Voice and the Jazz and the Planting Robots

Planting Robots
Hello everybody and many greetings from the road,

thanks for checking out my website. In this post you can read about my most recent work with a.o. The Voice of Germany, triosence and Gregor Meyle as well as some other stuff. The picture on the left is from my new band „Planting Robots“ with my dear friends Dirk Hoppe and Ingo Hassenstein. Please click here to stay updated on this new project.
I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can come by one of the concerts and we can have a chat.

All the best, cheers, Stephan
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One Summer Night

One Summer Night CoverNew triosence CD released on October 24th and I am happy that we will be going on tour extensively throughout Germany and will be playing a couple of shows in the US, too, to promote our CD. The picture on the left is the cover of „One Summer Night – live“ and I really like the artwork from the whole album done by Rainer Hoffmann and Dominik Ketz.
Besides a lot of work with triosence I continue playing with Gregor Meyle on some shows during fall this year and will be doing a couple of clinics and workshops.
Please enjoy reading this blog-post… Continue Reading

mediterranean creativity

triosence in MarbellaI have been working hard the last couple of weeks… well, okay, laying on the beach was part of it, too. But still, it was a tough job and somebody had to do it :-)

We have been to Spain and Italy with triosence and Gregor Meyle, playing wonderful concerts, I did some recordings in my studio and taught at the Jazz & Rock Workshop Salzgitter as well as the 4th Creativ Drum Camp in Heek. In this post you will also read a little bit about what’s coming up next like shows with Christina Lux, Fresh Music Live and Gregor Meyle.

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a summer full of music

CMC Kassel KonzertDear visitor, summer has finally made it into town and here are a couple of the latest news. You can read about my interview in iDrum magazine, the successful Complete Music Camp in Kassel and upcoming shows with triosence and Gregor Meyle. You will also find the announcements for the Jazz & Rock Workshop Salzgitter and the Creativ Drum Camp here, so make yourself comfortable and stay for a short while…
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it’s getting hot out there…

Thanks for coming by my website. A lot of great things happened in the last couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to some really cool stuff coming up, too. But first things first: in this post you will read about work with triosence, Ritmo Del Mundo, Gregor Meyle and more. On the… Continue Reading

new videos online

Here is a little update on my youtube channel and a couple of videos that went online recently. Some are new and some are old, but haven’t been online yet. I hope you enjoy watching them. Cheers, Stephan       Here is a clip from the sennheiser recording session at horus studios 2014 …this… Continue Reading

may the force be with you

Dear reader, thanks for coming back to my website. In this post you can read about upcoming and recent events a.o. with triosence, Gregor Meyle, Christina Lux, Edgar Knecht and a couple of new videos. Please check my tourdates regularly to come by a show or two :-) The picture on the left is from… Continue Reading

…early 2014 news…

I hope you had a great start into 2014. Last year was an exciting year and I really enjoyed how this year started, too. Please read some news about the „Voice of Germany“ tour, triosence, Edgar Knecht and couple of other nice projects I am currently involved in. The picture on the left is from… Continue Reading

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