Welcome to my website... I am Stephan Emig, drummer and percussionist. I work with various artists live and in the studio, teach at different schools and work as a cultural manager. Please enjoy your stay and take a look and listen... Thank you for stopping by!
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The Voice of Germany & Klaus Lage

(c) by Charlie Spieker I am so happy and looking forward to what is coming up this year. Looks like 2017 will be the busiest year I have had so far and I am grateful for working with each one of the artists I am allowed to accompany. After finishing the "Voice of Germany in Concert" tour and the first leg of Klaus Lage's "Blaue Stunde" tour it is now time to start with my own group PLANTING ROBOTS. But first things first... here are some impressions from these tours. Continue Reading

Breaking News: I am part of the MEINL family

064F5138-8BE8-48C1-898E-759D03EA44C0No fake news... it is true and I am really grateful how Meinl and especially Stephan Hänisch made me feel welcome to their artist family. Starting with the Voice of Germany Tour at the end of 2016 I have been using Meinl cymbals and Meinl percussion instruments. I found the perfect sounds for my upcoming work with triosence, Klaus Lage or Planting Robots. Continue Reading

balance between diversity and creativity

10440897_958446014172400_2591045733686290975_n Life as a musician can be very diverse and colorful. Sometimes this diversitiy includes tight schedules and requires a flexibility to dive into each project's or job's own world within no time. This can be mentally and phisically very challenging and at cost of your own creativity. My medicine against this stress is relaxation, strict days off, but also having continuous projects that involve my own heart and soul like Planting Robots or the Complete Music Camps. Continue Reading

triosence tour and CD recording

img_6640With triosence we have been busy during the summer, being on the road, rehearsing and trying new songs at our concerts and finally recording the upcoming CD at Schloss Elmau. The picture on the left is the view from my room during the recording session. Could have been worse :-) Continue Reading

recording with Michael Reed

After coming back from Thailand I continued working with various artists like triosence, Edgar Knecht, Fresh Music Live and Groth & Bennecke Quintett. One of the highlights was to record at Hansa Studios Berlin with renowned arranger and conductor Michael Reed for Spotlight Musicals Continue Reading

time out – energy in

My first and maybe only private post on this page and something I would like to share with you all… I had been working hard over the last years to be part of the working music scene, establishing regular gigs with artists of all kinds of genres, generating a decent income as a musician. But… Continue Reading

The Voice of Germany Tour 2015/2016

 Hello everybody, I have been on the road with the finalists of the Voice of Germany TV show for the third time now and it was a successful and fun trip. We played all over the country and it was awesome to widen my knowledge of percussions and electronics. Continue Reading