The Voice of Germany & Klaus Lage

(c) by Charlie Spieker

I am so happy and looking forward to what is coming up this year. Looks like 2017 will be the busiest year I have had so far and I am grateful for working with each one of the artists I am allowed to accompany. After finishing the “Voice of Germany in Concert” tour and the first leg of Klaus Lage’s “Blaue Stunde” tour it is now time to start with my own group PLANTING ROBOTS. But first things first… here are some impressions from these tours.

The picture at the top is from one of the shows with Klaus Lage’s shot by Charlie Spieker (Thanks, Charlie). We have just finished the first leg of the tour and there will be two more to come. Together with Bo Heart, Jürgen Scholz and Klaus himself and a fabulous crew we travelled all over Germany playing great concerts in beautiful locations. The audiences have been awesome and I am looking forward to playing the upcoming shows. Here are a couple of pictures and video from the tour:

Klaus Lage by Charlie Spieker-8418 Klaus Lage by Charlie Spieker-8968


This year started with another Voice of Germany in concert tour and again I feel grateful for working with such extraordinary people on stage and behind the scenes. This year felt like coming home to the tour family and I dearly miss everybody. Hope to see them again some time :-)
Here are a couple of pictures from my dear friend Heiko Lindenthal.

Stephan (54 von 59)

unplugged (32 von 46)

unplugged (10 von 46)

Totale (18 von 18)

Totale (13 von 18)

Totale (11 von 18)



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