Juli & August (okay, almost September) News

A lot of things happened during the last two months and I can’t believe, I was able to squeeze a very relaxing holiday in between :-)

I was fortunate to teach at the Jazz & Rock Workshop in Salzgitter, was part of the jury at the Bayr. Schulbandcontest in Würzburg, played great concerts a.o. with Marquess, Christina Lux, Edgar Knecht and had two great studio-sessions. But step by step, here are the details and some pictures…
Amongst some great musicians like Reggie Worthy, Uwe Granitza, Lars Hansen and many more I was part of the teaching staff at the Jazz & Rock Workshop in Salzgitter. Together with Anselm Simon I was leading a marching band this year and we had a great time arranging and rehearsing the music and then watching the cool results at the students-concert. Thanks Anselm. We have to repeat it!Lars Hansen, Reggie Worthy, Anselm Simon, Lothar Brandes, Britta Rex, Mel Germain, Uwe Granitza, uva.

During the workshop I had to leave for one evening to be part of the jury at the bavarian school-bands-contest. Invited by Michael Jodl I was judging the performances of some great young bands together with Nevio Passaro, Peter Näder, Sternblut, Jan Reinelt and others. The winners: The Mustard Tubes. Outstanding songwriting and great voice of the lead-singer. Here is a picture of the jury…

On July 23rd I played with Marquess in Duisburg. It was a nice concert and I enjoyed playing with this fine band! Although it felt a bit strange to play at a big music event in Duisburg one year after the tragedy during the Loveparade. Here are some pictures of the show and my setup. I played Percussions and electronic percussions. I triggered samples in Ableton Live with my almost vintage SPD-8. Still working, still happy :-)

At the end of July I was happy to play two „home games“. First with Christina Lux and Reentko Dirks at the Kulturzelt Festival in Kassel. It was an amazing sold out concert and the second time we played songs off of the new CD „Playground“ which will be available here shortly.
The second „home-game“ was with my friends from Mercy Mercy. It is always nice to play with Till, Heiko, Natsko and Torsten.
After a great holiday in Montenegro it was time to present the Edgar Knecht Quartett again after the CD-release-concert last year. Together with Edgar, Rolf and my good friend Toby we rehearsed a lot and prepared a fine set of songs. Toby and I checked out a couple of cool drum & percussion goodies and we also played some marching grooves in a new song. Again the Kulturzelt was almost sold out and we were very happy with the reception of our music in our hometown. Here are some pictures from the gig…
The week after this show the final exams for the first graduates of music college hannover took place and after their last concert on Sept. 8th they will be representing our school to the outside world. Good luck and all the best from my side! Also the last auditions for the upcoming semester took place and I am really looking fwd to teaching our new students.
On August 24th a group of musicians gathered in Hamburg and I was really fortuned to be part of this recording session. Dirk, Daniel, Benny, Edward, Ingo and I were invited to record this song and also shoot a short video while recording to promote this band. It is always exciting to work with good friends who accidentally happen to be some of my favorite musicians, too :-) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did on the session. The video was done by Christopher Klemme.

August ended with another great recording session. I travelled to beautiful Novo Mesto, Slovenia, to record with one of my favorite producers: Zarko Pak. We recorded songs by Primoz Zizek at a wonderful „ranch-studio“ in the slovenian countryside.
It was a great experience to have a studiosession with a big focus on creativity and sound. I am really looking fwd to the results.

Besides all of that I played one concert with triosence and one with Marcia Bittencourt. Right now I am focussing on triosences program for Taiwan and the upcoming concerts in KASSEL on Sept. 12th and WERNIGERODE on Sept. 17th. Please follow triosence at Facebook!

These are the upcoming events, if you have time, please come by and say hi!

12.9. Triosence, Kassel
17.9. Triosence, Wernigerode
18.9.-6.10. Triosence, Taiwan-Tour
8.10. Sonor Workshop, Ostgroßefehn
16.10. Edgar Knecht, Stimmenfang Nürnberg
17.10. Ritmo Del Mundo, Neu-Strelitz
18.10. Edgar Knecht, Enjoy Jazz Heidelberg

Thanks for reading. I will be back soon and report :-)

All the best, Tschüß!


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