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Hello dear visitor,

after finishing the tour with Klaus Lage and Planting Robots I will spend most part of 2017 working with triosence.
We will present our CD „Hidden Beauty“ (released end of march with Sony Music / Okeh Records) live on the road.
The picture on the left is the cover of our new CD.

But first things first:


Our CD release tour has been a great success for us. We are so happy about the reception of our music and for all the kind words to our live shows. It was really exciting to present our original material in front of an audience. Thanks to everybody who made it possible, my dear „Robots“ Dirk and Ingo and Rolf Dressler for his amazing work as our live sound engineer.
I am looking forward to the next songwriting sessions and concerts. Please click here to preview and buy our CD „Roots“ and thank you for your support!

Here is the video to our song „I can’t sleep“ (produced by Beatrix Kamlage and Sven Kalvelage), I hope you like it.

Klaus Lage:

Being on the road with Klaus and his band has been a real honour and I am already looking forward to the third leg of the „Blaue Stunde“ tour in November. Bo Heart and Jürgen Scholz are two amazing musicians and I felt very welcome in their midst. Also the crew did a great job and I think the audience really enjoyed our performances. Standing ovations every evening are speaking for this theory :-)

It was great to play a couple of venues I had never played before and a highlight in my musical career was to play in a potash mine more than 500m underground in front of 1100 people. Sorry, I have to stay with the numbers :-) they have over 4600 !!! kilometers of road down there. Can you believe it?

Here are some impressions from the tour (thanks to Charlie Spieker and Bernhard Osinski for the pictures):

I think it is worth to check out the concerts if you are a fan of Klaus Lage and his hits, but also if you like well played handmade music in an unplugged setting. So please check our November schedule.


We have just released „Hidden Beauty“ with Okeh Records/ Sony Music at the end of march and will be on tour extensively for the next year or so. Please come by one of our concerts. I am looking forward to presenting the music live with my friends Bernhard Schüler and Omar Rodriguez Calvo. Here is a little documentary about the cd-recording:

Please click here to prelisten and buy the CD.

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triosence: www.triosence.com
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Complete Music Camps: Complete Music Camps in Kassel und Hamburg

Peace and love my friens!

Cheers, Stephan

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