Stephan Emig Signature Sticks by ROHEMA


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My Signature Stick is a medium-light drumstick made of hornbeam, with a 5A shaft, but with a much thinner tip.

For those who are familiar with ROHEMA drumsticks: It has a tip that is similar to the Tango model, but it has a fuller sound. Due to the thicker shaft, rim-shots and rim-clicks still sound rich and deep even at low volume. The drums and cymbals get a clearly defined sound due to the slightly rounded tip.

In my opinion the stick is especially suitable for medium to soft volume playing situations. The stick is not suitable for heavy hitters. I use it at gigs with Klaus Lage or in a jazz context a la triosence.

In the studio I appreciate the quieter cymbal sound, which makes the set sound more clear already before the microphone. When it gets louder, I turn the snare stick around. This way I can usually cover all the required dynamics.

But if it should get even louder, I use the 5A or 5B from ROHEMA. You can find links to it here in the shop.