My name is Stephan Emig

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 I have been enjoying working internationally within the last years, including recording or touring for foreign artists and teaching in foreign countries, too.

If you need recorded tracks or a professional, english speaking sideman, musical director or workshop instructor, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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About me

I am a professional musician based in Hannover, Germany. It is my goal to create my own unique way of expressing myself musically through combining the contemporary drumset playing with the sound variety of a percussion player and the modern approach of hybrid electronic and acoustic drumming.

I am working as a drummer, percussionist or ableton operator and sometimes as all of them at once. 

As a member of internationally acclaimed jazz group triosence and the indiepop group Planting Robots I am mainly playing original music and am fortunate live out my creative side as a composer as well.

But I am  happy and feel fortunate that I could accompany many artists as sideman as well. Besides my work in Germany I have been playing and recording around the globe with international artists like Hamid Baroudi (Algeria), Sara Gazarek (USA), Erik Platon (Slovenia), Tomislav "Tokac" Jovanovic (Slovenia),  Hsiao Huang Chi (Taiwan), Stefanie Heinzmann (Switzerland), Mohammed Mounir (Egypt), Houssaine Kili (Morocco), Nené Vásquez (Venezuela), Zarko Pak (Slovenia), Jimmy Dillon (USA), Debbie Clarke (Wales), Joy Basu (USA), Legacy (USA) and many more.

After finishing my studies at Los Angeles College of Music in 1997 I have been teaching e.g. at University of Osnabrück, Popakademie Mannheim, Musikhochschule Osnabrück or the Music College of Hannover. My international teaching experience includes lessons in France, Italy, USA, Austria and the Netherlands. 

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Here you can see some actual pics of me. Want more? Then check out my pics page or my video page or click here to hear some audio samples of my work.