I am really happy to work with the finest companies in the musical-instrument business.

I have been playing Sonor pretty much all my life (of course, as a big Nicko-fan). I was really happy when Sonor and I started collaborating in 1998 right before the world-tour with Hamid Baroudi. I am happy that the relationship grew over the years and that I am involved in some of Sonor's work over the last years from performances to product development. It makes me proud that they chose to put my face on one of their products. Thanks to the people who made it all possible over the last years: Karl-Heinz Menzel, Stefan Althoff, Elke Stremmel, Rainer Dreisbach, Thomas Barth, Ian Croft, Mattias Mücke, Daniel Roszmann, Wolfgang Ulbrich, Wolfgang Maywald, David Schulz, Michael Haneke, Michael Stumm, Ulli Fuhrmann, Arne Sutter and many more Please check out their stuff at their website.

image001 I have joined the Meinl familiy in 2017 playing their cymbals as well as their percussion instruments. Meinl is a great modern company that understands the needs of contemporary players and is innovative in creating new exciting products. I am looking forward to using their instruments for the time coming. Thanks to Stephan Hänisch for making everything possible.

Without their 11AW Gold or Tango sticks I wouldn't be able to play they way I do. They give me the freedom to play with softly, but still with great rebound and feel. Maik Hellinger, his family and co-workers are incredibly open minded and are constantly developing new and very interesting sticks, brushes, rods, etc. Please check out their website or meet them at Musikmesse Frankfurt. On the left side you see on of the advertisements from Rohema.

Ever since playing with the chill-gmbh in 2001 I have been using Ableton constantly in a lot of different musical situations. As a composing and arranging-tool, for creating and playing backing tracks on stage, for using live-fx with my acoustic drumset, to program beats and sounds or to create practice-tracks for students and to slow down or loop songs during lessons. Thanks to Claudia Weidner, Ulf Kaiser, Christina Fischer and everybody at Ableton. Check out their website and one of the coolest most innovative products in the industry.

I have been using REMO drumheads all my drumming life and they have always been my favorite ones. Since 1999 I am a REMO endorser and currently use Ambassador coated heads on top and bottom of my toms, on top of my snare and usually a powerstroke coated on all of my bassdrums. Thanks to Matt Connors at Remo USA and Stefan Weiler at GEWA. Here you'll find their website...

Volker Träuptmann is a very creative and quick working person. I am very happy that he designed a couple of drumheads for me. His masterpiece is the triosence-cover-art which you can see in the advertisement on the left. I am looking forward to his next layouts... Check out his work at

These bags and cases are state of the art touring-equipment and I am very happy to use them. Especially the drum-cases are reliable and due to their unique zipper really easy to handle. Please check them out at their website. Many thanks to Curt Doernberg at Musik Wein.