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triosence tour and CD recording

img_6640With triosence we have been busy during the summer, being on the road, rehearsing and trying new songs at our concerts and finally recording the upcoming CD at Schloss Elmau. The picture on the left is the view from my room during the recording session. Could have been worse :-) Continue Reading

time out – energy in

IMG_4279 My first and maybe only private post on this page and something I would like to share with you all... I had been working hard over the last years to be part of the working music scene, establishing regular gigs with artists of all kinds of genres, generating a decent income as a musician. But all on the cost of sparetime, holidays or days off. It was great for the carreer, but tough for my body and health. After having had a hard time in 2015 with bad health conditions and a long still ongoing recovery, I would recommend to everybody: TAKE TIMES OFF, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR RESOURCES, STAY RELAXED, TAKE A BREAK AND ENJOY LIFE! MUSIC IS MEDICINE! 10440897_958446014172400_2591045733686290975_n