here you find some sample-clips from my studio-work


a couple of songs from all of our 5 CDs that have been released so far. next one will be a live-cd, coming out in fall 2014...

triosence - first enchantment - mix (2002)

triosence - away for a while - mix (2005)

triosence - when you come home - mix (2008)

triosence - where time stands still - mix (2010) (with Sara Gazarek, Frank Haunschild, Vitaly Zolotov) - add. percussion recorded in my studio
Turning Points Cover
triosence - turning points - mix (2013)

Gregor Meyle

Meile für Meyle - Live
Gregor Meyle - Meile für Meyle live - mix (2013)

Hamid Baroudi

mixtape of songs from the CDs "Sidi" (2001) and "Tam Tam a Tam" (2010) (Vielklang/Efa/Hoggar Music) a.o. with Mohammed Mounir, Roman Bunka, Rolf Denecke, Altaf Vellani, Pape Seck
Hamid Baroudi Mix

Christina Lux

samples of the songs I recorded with Christina Lux for here album "Playground" (2012) as well as the song we contributed to the official "Tribute to die Fantastischen Vier" CD (2009).

Christina Lux - Mix

Marius Goldhammer

here are samples of two songs I recorded for Marius in my studio. I also did some of the programming.

Marius Goldhammer - Mix (2009)

Omid Bahadori

here are samples of the songs I recorded for Omid in 2011. I am also working with his mongoloean-iranian group Sedaa.

Omid Bahadori Mix (2011)

Achim Seifert

I recorded the percussion-tracks and also programmed some loops for this song in my studio in 2010.

Achim Seifert Cut (2011)

Cuba Libre

the drum- and percussion-tracks for this CD have been recorded in 2004 at Horus Studios Hannover.
Cuba Libre Mix(2005)


... and now to something completely different. I recorded the tracks for this 80s hard-rock group in 1997 in Los Angeles during my studies at L.A. Music Academy. It was my first professional studio experience.

Legacy Mix (1997)

thanks for listening, please take a look at the bio-page for a full discography.